Tuuli flooring® is fit for many purposes

The excellent Tuuli flooring® is a practical and very economical choice. It offers great sound and heat insulation, and is also a very durable, easy-to-maintain and fire-resistant alternative. Tuuli flooring® is easy to install; you can cut it any way you like without fraying, and it’s ready for use right away. Installing flooring has never been this simple.

The soft Tuuli is comfortable under your foot

Tuuli flooring® can be used without problems both at home and different public spaces. Its woven surface is soft and comfortable to step on also with bare feet. Tuuli flooring® is easy to keep clean, because its surface repels water and dust. Additionally, vinyl flooring dries quickly and does not grow moldy. The color endures UV-radiation well, so sunlight won’t fade the covering very easily.

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