What is one the main reasons the first impression is made when arriving to a beautiful hotel? It sure is an amazing and beautiful hotel flooring, isn’t it? We offer hotel floorings which will make this beautiful first impression to last long and have your guests keep coming back.

Hotel flooring is an important part of the room’s aesthetic, but it will also affect on the room’s functionality and comfortability and especially in hotel floorings there are many things to pay attention to. One of the main things to keep in mind when choosing the right hotel flooring is the heavy traffic which can easily cause flooring to wear. Especially in the areas like a lobby or reception, this should be noticed. Other things to keep in mind are for instance the colour fastness, dimensional stability, thermal resistance and maintenance. Also the sound insulation or UV-resistance are good qualities in hotel flooring. Well-chosen hotel flooring is always healthy, hygiene, safe and comfortable for your guests.

If you want to keep the first impression for longer, it is not insignificant which flooring you choose. We offer high-quality and functional hotel flooring products for every needs and all our floorings and tiles are produced with high professional skill and are lasting, safe and easy to maintain. If you are more interested in technical data, you can read more here.

Our wide selection will surely have an alternative for every space. You can choose the most suitable for you from different colours, designs and shades or have either a modern look or more classical look. Details are also important part of the flooring. Usually in a hotel different rooms and spaces need different floorings depending on the amount of traffic, safety or hygiene.

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If you are looking for hotel flooring, remember that Hellsten Flooring offers quality products just for your needs. You can get to know our products here or contact us and have a discussion with our expert about the most suitable option for you. Let’s get your hotel the first impression that will last!