Rumba Plus — and even your floor can be a statement

The Rumba Plus is a fairly vibrant collection of flooring, and with it, you’ll change your floor surface into a bold statement – that is made sure by the collection’s brave color collection and the new trendy metallic design that you cannot find anywhere else. The novelty collection’s colors and metallic shades combine into one fabulous whole, which still wonderfully fits different spaces and uses.

Shades also for a more moderate taste

If bold and sharp colors aren’t for you, have no fear: the Rumba Plus also has some more discreet colors that the metallic shades still liven up nicely. The result is a quality domestic flooring with which you can express yourself and your style, be it more adventurous or moderate.

Rumba Plus fits the home and public spaces

Like all our other durable floorings, also the Rumba Plus fits perfectly to home use, a summer house or different public spaces. If you need some more information about this product or its different uses, be sure to contact us!