Salsa is an experience to your senses

The startling Salsa is real sensory experience. Spice up the space at home or the office according to your own taste, for example with a dash of spicy pepper, fresh breath of Mediterranean air or a fun and delicious layer of cocoa. The zigzag-pattern characteristic of this collection creates a lively and personal surface, balanced by its clear and functioning color combinations.

Salsa adapts to different spaces

Like many other Hellsten Flooring floor coverings, Salsa also has a variety of uses in many different spaces. This easy-care and durable flooring is not afraid of use, and as it is mould-free and dries quickly, it’s not afraid of occasional moisture either. That’s why the vinyl-made Salsa is an excellent and versatile choice to cover your floors.

Have a dash of Salsa in your life

Are you looking for something more out of your floor surfaces? Do you want to refresh your senses in your daily life? If your answer is yes, then let the seductive Salsa whisk you away.
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